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From our Cat Cafe to Your Home

We are best fit adoption agency and not a first come, first serve. 

When you put in an application it takes 24-48 hours to review your application. If you receive a phone call back, it is not an approval - we will ask you to come back in to the cafe' and ask some additional interview questions in the cat room and make a decision at that time. 

We want to make sure our furbabies are going to the purrfect home for them.

Younger Kittens are placed on a 30 day hold when they come in - we do take applications during this period, but please know we won't review them until the 30 day hold is up on the kitties. Some kittens may be too young to leave the cafe'.

At the end of the 30 days we will review all applications and choose the best fit. 

Living with a pet is a rewarding experience that can enrich your life, filling your days with love and fun, and it is also a great responsibility. Come to Whiskers & Meows Cat Cafe' and find out how to adopt and raise a pet responsibly.

Adoption Fees: 

Bonded Pair Adoptions are $140 -

these are special circumstances where we will not separate a pair of kitties that come in together. 

Regular Adoption Prices:

< 2 years    $110

2-5 years    $90

5-10 years  $80

10+ years/ special needs $70

Bonded Pairs $140

All Feline adoptions come UTD on shots & and adoption certificate with all vet records.

Any kitties over 7 months will be spayed/ neutered. 

If a Kitty is under 7 months and adopted before a spay/neuter we will

refund $25 of your adoption fee if you bring in a receipt. 

If you would like to help with Spays/Neuters please go over to our Donate page!


Jetsam (AKA. Whiskers first Resident)

Purtthday: Unknown

Siblings: Wasabi and Ginger (Adopted out!)

Purrsonality Traits: Very shy, sweet and independent cat.  He prefers to be seen when a luxury snack is being offered.  

BIO: Jetsam loves his alone time and has become Whiskers first Purrmanent resident cat. He isn't fast at making friends, but once you're in - you're a friend for life. He is an escape artist as well. Jetsam has quickly become a favorite and any time we have new intakes, Jetsam loves to take them under his paw and show them the ropes.

Fun Fact: Jetsam once auditioned for The Little Mermaid remake. 

History: Jetsam was one of our first rescues from our local animal shelter. There isn't a lot known about him, but he's happy to be here living the life. 


Life Quote: "I came, I saw, I conquered." 

- Julius Caesar

IMG_4460 (1).jpg

Noir (AKA. Cuddles)

Purrmanent Resident

Purrthday: September 1, 2022

Siblings: Onyx (Adopted Out!)

Purrsonality Traits: Noir is the sweetest lil kitty this side of the Mississippi. She loves lots of snuggles. 

BIO: She can be found cuddled up in a corner with her brother most times. She isn't afraid of adventure and once she plays, she loves to snuggle up for a good nap.  

Fun Fact: Noir was a stunt double for the famous French cartoon "Miraculous"

History: She came to us with Onyx from a nice family home that was looking for a place for them to go. We think she is wise beyond her years.

Life Quote: "I shall always be with you." - Thackery Binx

IMG_0636 (1).jpg

Mr. Moon

Purrthday: Unknown but is a senior cat around 14

Siblings: It's possible, we just don't know!

Purrsonality Traits: Very loungey, loves to lay on Blankies and hide in the back. Loves the quiet.

BIO: Mr. Moon came to us from our Local Animal Shelter. He was pretty sick when he came in and we got him in to the vet immediately. Mr. Moon has thyroid issues and is on medication that is very easy to give and will help him thrive. He is a senior cat looking for a quiet home.

Fun Fact: Mr. Moon once auditioned for the role of Houdini. 

Life Quote: "Stay off my lawn.." Clint Eastwood

IMG_3019 (1).jpg


Purrthday: December ... something

Siblings: Two sisters: Chanel and Tiramisu. 

Purrsonality Traits: If she can eat it ... she will. Meowy loves to devour food and can become Hangry. 

BIO/ History: She loves to play in the cafe. If there is a ball rolling.. she's chasing it. Unless she sees food! She came here with her two sisters from Southern Wyoming.

Fun Fact: Meowy has one every single eating competition... in the history of ever. 

Life Quote: "My weaknesses have always been food and men... in that order." 

Dolly Parton

IMG_5322 (1).jpg

Tiramisu - (Sue Sue)

Purrthday: Also, December ... someday

Siblings: Meowy & Chanel

Purrsonality Traits: Tiramisu loves a good nap. When she isn't running through the cafe with a toy in her mouth she is napping.

BIO / History: She came into the cafe with her two siblings and has quickly adjusted. Don't let her shyness fool you.  Loves belly rubs... sometimes.  

Fun Fact: Aspires to own her own bakery some day! 

Life Quote: "Clean plates don't lie. " 

Dan Barber


Snoopy (Mr. Snoops)

Purrthday: Unknown Age is around 13 years

Siblings: None 

Purrsonality Traits: Snoopy is a relaxer. He can be found on any cat bed and especially on the ones that are on the MEOW table.

BIO: Snoopy came to us from our local animal shelter. He is an elder cat who is looking for a fun family to lounge with.

Fun Fact: Snoopy won a staring contest one time between him and Mr. Moon

Life Quote: "If it's flipping hamburgers at McDonalds, be the best hamburger flipper in the world..." - Snoop Dogg 

IMG_5638 (2).jpg


Purrthday: July 2022

Siblings: Angel

Purrsonality Traits: Cupid is just starting to tolerate people, so she tends to watch people from afar. 

BIO: Cupid came to the cafe with her sister Angel. It took a long time for Cupid to warm up to anyone but she will know come up to certain people. She is looking for a home with patience and will be cuddly cat for sure!

Fun Fact: Hide and Seek Champion

Life Quote: " Winners get to do what they want." Will Ferre


Virginia (AKA. Meet Virginia)

Purrthday: Unknown

Sibling: None

Purrsonality Traits: Virginia is a very vocal kitty and takes a minute to warm up to you. She is sassy and doesn't stop talking. 

BIO: Virginia likes to lounge around the cafe and has a very unique tail. We aren't sure why it's like that, but it sure adds to her purrsonality. She will be having dental surgery to help with some of our issues in her mouth! Feel free to come in and donate!  

History: Virginia was an owner surrender as she was an outdoor barn cat but the winter was getting too cold for her. We found her a great place here at the cafe, but she is looking forward to be being adopted. 

Fun Fact: Virginia sometimes pretends she is Tiger from Winnie the Pooh. 

Life Quote: "When I want in, I want in now." - Garfield.

Congratulations to the following Kitties who are in their furr-ever homes:

Marnie, Onyx, Starfire & Raven, Piper, Wasabi & Ginger, and Chanel!


Purrthday: July 2022

Sibling: Cupid

Purrsonality Traits: Angel is such a sweety. She loves the cat tower and is just warming up to people. 

BIO: Angel came in to the cafe as a rescue with her sister Cupid. They were found born under a car and were nursed and brought to us at about 7 months old. She is the nicer one! 

Fun Fact: Angel likes to think she can climb Mount Everest someday.

Life Quote: "The summit is what drives us, but it's the climb itself that matters. - Unknown.


Purrthday: Unknown - 9 years old 

Sibling: NONE

Purrsonality Traits: Buster is a mosier. He like to mosey around the cafe. He also loves naps.

Buster can be found people watching in the front cafe window on his favorite perch. 


BIO: Buster came to us as a surrender after his owner passed away. He has had the same owner his whole life and is now looking for a lifetime companion to share his furr-ever home with!

Fun Fact: Buster likes to pretend he's undercover FBI. 

Life Quote: "We have all the time in the world... - 007.

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